“We’re very devastated to be dragged into what is a very sad situation”: Molan.
“We’re very devastated to be dragged into what is a very sad situation”: Molan. Channel 9

Erin’s TV tears: ‘I’m devastated’

TEARFUL Footy Show star Erin Molan has addressed her week of drama amid the ongoing AVO case between former Getaway presenter Kelly Landry and accountant Anthony Bell.

Molan made a short statement shortly after the Footy Show started last night, remaining composed despite being visibly upset.

"It's obviously been a really tough week for me, my fiance and my family … we are all devastated to be dragged into what is a very sad situation - but one that doesn't involve any of us," she said.

"We're devastated to be dragged into a very sad situation, particularly given the insinuation of an inappropriate relationship.

"And I can assure you there is not one iota of truth to any of the speculation, it is not who I am, and it doesn't reflect the values that I possess, and it is not how I was raised.

"I just want to say to everyone who has sent me messages of support, and who has supported me both publicly and privately, it has meant that absolute world to me and to Sean and has really helped in what has been a very difficult week.

"I don't mean to be self-indulgent because there are people out there who are fighting very tough battles that are far more serious than mine, but thank you for your support."

Ms Landry is seeking an AVO against Mr Bell claiming he was ­"financially mean" during their five-year marriage and physically assaulted her on two occasions.

The court heard evidence from three witnesses yesterday, including the policeman boyfriend of Molan - who was dragged into the saga when Ms Landry told the court she had suspected the sports journalist was in a relationship with her husband.

The court heard Ms Landry confronted her husband after he skippered the maxi yacht Perpetual Loyal to victory in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race last year.

Detective Sen-Constable Sean Ogilvy gave evidence about a weekend trip he and Ms Molan enjoyed with the Bell family on November 19 and 20 last year when they went horseriding in the Southern Highlands.

The weekend getaway was held the day after Ms Landry says she was assaulted by Mr Bell at their Watson Bay mansion.

Earlier, the Landry-Bell's former nanny, Gordana Karoglan, gave evidence.

"I just thought they were both in an unhappy marriage and Kelly was complaining every single day I was there," Ms Karoglan said.

NSW Downing Centre Local Court heard allegations that Ms Landry would drink on her own and on at least two occasions to excess - despite the fact she has a serious heart condition.

Ms Karoglan said she worked as a housekeeper/nanny for the Bells from January 2015 to March 2016.

"You accept that she only consumed alcohol socially?" Police prosecutor Sergeant Laura Nightingale said.

"No," Ms Karoglan said.

"She didn't drink alcohol home alone did she?"

"She did," Ms Karoglan said.

Earlier Mr Bell's longtime friend multi-millionaire hotelier Peter Calligeros claimed Ms Landry was, "well on her way" to being drunk the night she got into a marriage-ending fight with her husband on November 18 last year.

Mr Calligeros told the court that he met Mr Bell and Ms Landry ­earlier that evening at waterfront restaurant Catalina.

He gave evidence that Ms Landry had a cocktail at the restaurant then drank champagne on a boat the group boarded for a short trip to another friend's house. At the house he said she drank more champagne.

He wrote in his statement that Anthony had consumed some beer but was not intoxicated. "Kelly however had consumed many drinks and was well on the way."

Sgt Nightingale challenged Mr Calligeros, saying he was so intoxicated that evening following a boozy lunch he was in no position to assess how drunk others were.

Mr Calligeros also gave evidence that Ms Landry was intoxicated on December 28 during the celebrations for her yachtsman husband's win in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Magistrate Robert Williams reserved his decision on the AVO application until May 18.