Ergon brings back the power for Rockhampton, Cap Coast

ERGON Energy has reinstated power to its network and made supply available around the Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast district in the wake of the severe weather event generated by Ex -Tropical Cyclone Oswald.

General Manager Service Delivery Steve Leighton said with supply now available on the network Ergon Energy is advising Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast district customers who don't have supply to contact the power distributor on its 24x7 Fault Line on132296 - be mindful of current communications difficulties.


"If your neighbour has power and you don't, give us a call and we will respond" he said.


"While we have reinstated power to the network there could be individual numbers or small pockets still without power and this message is designed to target those customers" he said.

Mr Leighton said while Ergon had reinstated power to all customers where it is safe to do so, there will be quite a number of premises that have sustained structural damage and these customers will need to have repairs done by their contractors before they can be safely reconnected by Ergon.

"A remaining 192 customers in the Mt Morgan and Raglan/Port Alma areas were reinstated yesterday and late yesterday evening and crews are today continuing working through remaining individual no supplies around Rockhampton and expect to have these under control by late this afternoon."

At height of the severe weather with torrential rain and destructive wind on Friday 25/1/13, some 18,000 Ergon Energy in and around Rockhampton and on the Capricorn Coast customers lost supply.

There was significant damage to Ergon's network with trees and debris bringing down numerous sections of power line and associated equipment and in some cases power poles being washed away by torrential rain and localised flooding.

There were over 100 reports of fallen power lines.       

In the Callide Curtis area just over 1,000 customers remain off line particularly in rural areas around Miriam Vale - Lowmead, Baffle Creek, Awoonga, Callliope, Monto - Kalpower, Selene, Boynedale, Biloela North, Jambin and Baralaba.

Additional crews have arrived from Mackay today to assist local crews with restoration and helicopters are being used extensively to access flood bound areas where it is safe to do so.

"We are physically unable to access some areas due to major flood levels. We are doing our best to get as many customers back on as we can but in these situations we will have to wait until flood waters go down and conditions improve to reinstate remaining customers" Mr Leighton said.

The community reaction across the region throughout this event has been truly amazing and the coincidental timing with Australia Day celebrations really has seen true Aussie spirit shine through.

"Everyone including Ergon and other emergency service agencies have and continue to do their best in very challenging and extraordinary circumstances and it is really heart warming to see the community reaction and reception our crews have received during this event."  

Mr Leighton thanked the community for its continued resilience, support and understanding in these trying times.

He also paid tribute to the numerous Ergon crews and staff who have worked tirelessly to get their communities back to normality and thanked local authorities, other emergency agencies and service providers for their cooperation and support.