The Gladstone Entertainment Centre exterior wall.
The Gladstone Entertainment Centre exterior wall. Luka Kauzlaric

Entertainment centre's bold shades not loved by all

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IT'S bold and attention-grabbing and that's what the Gladstone Regional Council wants.

The Observer has heard more than a few mumblings of dissent about the new-look Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre.

But the council's director of corporate and community services Cale Dendle said it was meant to be eye-catching.

"Grabbing people's attention is intentional," he said.

Mr Dendle, who was responsible for approving the design from the architects, said the new building was significant to the community and should be a striking and iconic feature in the Gladstone cityscape.

The shades of bright yellow were chosen over the original neutral palette of white and grey.

Residents shouldn't be worried, though, that the inside furnishings will be as blinding.

"The interior design is complementary, different, to the exterior, as is the plaza space colour scheme," Mr Dendle said.

"The neutral colours of the plaza space will be lifted by the strong colours behind."

The $23 million building is starting to take form, for a mid-October handover.

What do you think about the entertainment centre's new colour scheme?

This poll ended on 23 August 2013.

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I like it - it'll brighten up the CBD and stand out, for sure


I'm going to need sunglasses in the CBD now


It's going to look dated in a few years


Mmm, I have a hankering for a pine orange icy pole


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An artist's impression of the new Gladstone Entertainment Centre.
An artist's impression of the new Gladstone Entertainment Centre. Contributed