OFF TO SEE THE WORLD: Emus generally steer clear of surburbia.
OFF TO SEE THE WORLD: Emus generally steer clear of surburbia. Dominic Elsome

Emu seen taking a walk down town in Calliope

CALLIOPE has an unusual guest in town.

An emu has been sighted wandering the streets.

One eye-witness said he saw it walking down the road, just near the Calliope side of the Crossroads.

"I didn't know what to make of it, I haven't been here long enough to know if there are emus in Calliope normally," he said.

It was just walking on the side of the road, I think it was heading towards Gladstone.

Adrian Herde, Constable at Calliope Police Station, said police would step in if the bird presented a threat or injured someone.

He had a close encounter with the emu yesterday morning when it approached the fence at his home in central Calliope.

"It walked up to my fence and was having a chat to my dog and then wandered off," Constable Herde said.

"It then went back around the outskirts of town.

"Dogs were barking, it wasn't really going anywhere.

It seems like it's tame and it's escaped.

Constable Herde said in the three years he'd worked in Calliope he'd never seen an emu.

Emus are found across most of Australia and occur naturally in the region but generally stick to dry forests and woodlands.

Gladstone & District Wildlife Carers Association has urged people not to approach the emu.

If you spot it, call the Gladstone Wildlife care line on: 0427106803 or 1300Animal.