Nathanual Taylor has died following a crash near Emerald on Friday evening
Nathanual Taylor has died following a crash near Emerald on Friday evening

Emerald tragedy: Local teens ‘trying to process’ friend’s death

The close-knit community of Emerald is in shock Saturday morning as residents learn 16-year-old Nathanual Taylor has died.

He was a passenger in a vehicle allegedly being driven by a 14-year-old along Wills Rd around 6pm on Friday night which reportedly rolled several times after the driver lost control.

Locals are struggling to understand how the youths managed to get the car to the scene of the tragedy, after they reportedly spent hours trying to get a jump start or battery at the local skate park, a source who preferred not to be named said.

Some reports say other children helped them push start the car.

The son of a local taxi driver, Nathanual is described a "polite" boy who took younger children under his wing.

His Facebook feed is full of all the usual teenage interests such as boxing, super trucks and barbecues.

Local parents said their children are in shock over the news the ex-student of Emerald High School was killed.

"He really was an amazing kid - really respectful in a genuine down to earth way, not sucking up," said a Morning Bulletin source who didn't wish to be named.

"I don't know if the police would have done anything because I guess, in a way, there's no way of knowing whether they'd actually get (the car) to run."

Another mother said her child was "just trying to process" his good friend's death.

Tributes to Nathanual are pouring into the local students' Snapchat feeds.

The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating.

Previously published as: "Teen killed in horror rollover identified"