This is the MCG turf in Brisbane.
This is the MCG turf in Brisbane.

‘Embarrassing’ AFL photo goes viral

MCG manager Michael Salvatore hoped relocating a piece of the hallowed turf to the Gabba for Saturday night's AFL Grand Final might give the players a little boost.

The end result was about as inspiring as a halftime speech from a librarian.

After all the backlash from the footy public and past players about a bizarre promotional stunt which saw a section of grass from the goalsquare at the home of Aussie Rules footy torn up and transported by truck to Queensland, it couldn't have landed worse.

An image of the 3m x 1m piece of turf embedded at the Gabba went viral on social media on Thursday night and let's just say the comments weren't kind.

Ben Weatherly: "Honestly what the hell is Victoria doing! This is embarrassing."

Titus O'Reily: "Totally worth it and not a complete waste of time and money at all."

Colin Rowston: "Is there anything more cringe worthy in the history of time than this?"

MCG staff roll up a piece of turf before sending it to the Gabba.
MCG staff roll up a piece of turf before sending it to the Gabba.

Aaron King: "Absolute joke cant go interstate to see family but can transport a bit of grass across country for no reason well done Australia."

Jamie Mounsey: "I heard when they unrolled it 10 Victorians jumped out and made a run for it!"

Others were baffled about why the turf was left outside the boundary line.

Lehmo: "Seems to be fitting in well."

Indir Sitnic: "And they have basically laid it down in the gabba car park."

Others thought it was too close to the field and a health hazard.

Robbie Cornthwaite: "It's too close to the boundary. Risk of injury. Should have put it directly where the players run out. 'And the players run out onto the MCG surface' then get on with the game."

Adam Peacock: "Better top dress those edges. Won't knit."

It comes after several former players blasted the stunt.

Hawthorn premiership player Shane Crawford called it "ridiculous".

Ex-Demons player Bernie Vince said "I've never heard anything so stupid in all my life".

"F*** me," Vince told Triple M radio. "What if it had have been Port v Brisbane? They wouldn't give a f***!"

We'll be back next year, Melbourne. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)
We'll be back next year, Melbourne. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

"This is the dopiest decision this year. The look of it stinks," added ex-Crow Stephen Rowe.

"It just plays into the hands of those of us that think it's still the VFL. Could they be any more insecure?

"If Richmond actually win through and as a team they kneel down and kiss that patch of turf, I'll spew up.

"Don't hide behind a sponsor paying for it … Mark Marketing would have rung a dopey sponsor and said, 'Can you help cover the cost?'

"This would be thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. I hope every cent of it goes into junior football and game development."

The idea should have been turfed from the start.

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