"So get your best men on it," Ella says, calling on the Premier to introduce daylight saving.

Ella's daylight saving plea gets no traction in Gladstone

THE majority of Gladstone readers have not been swayed by a three-year-old's impassioned plea for Annastacia Palaszczuk to "get her best men" onto introducing daylight saving. 

Little Ella's speech was filmed and uploaded to YouTube as part of a campaign by getthelightright.com, which is petitioning the State Government to hold another referendum on daylight saving after the 1992 referendum failed. 

>> Little Ella's plea for daylight saving in Queensland

Most readers resisted the young girl's "pleeeeaase", sticking to their guns against daylight saving for Queensland, while many questioned why we were taking advice from a three-year-old.

Some supported the idea, saying our time zone needed to come in line with other eastern states or that they enjoyed more time in the afternoon.

Here's what you had to say on Facebook:

Laureen Jeffery: Nooooo daylight saving for Queensland. It's nice when then sun goes down, cools off a little for entertaining guests, flies go to bed etc. We get enough sunshine in Queensland

Kylz Harwood: its starting to get daylight at 5am when i go to work, and the sun doesn't go down until about 7:30pm. how do we need daylight savings in cq or in qld for that matter?

Dorothy Conroy: No daylight savings, we tried it, if you want extra time just get up early your selves, kids come home in the hottest part of the day, we don't want to eat when it is still hot, we end up staying up late as it is too hot to sleep, everyone does not have air conditioners , why change time just tell the truth you are starting work at 7 am not 8 am no need to change the time, no confusion with another States

Jeremy Blows: Using kids for political pull....Great new tactic.. you know who else uses kids for getting their point across?.....ISIS....

Vinnie N Sherrie: Don't be retarded, have you seen what DLS does to STATE OF ORIGIN winning ability?

Steven Cragg: It goes dark at 10 or 11PM in Canberra. It's awesome. Don't need rush to get sports and exercise done and worry about the kids being out at 8PM in the dark. I think we really need it in winter since it gets dark so early, so we should just move the Timezone back an hour.

Joshua Thompson: Wow this three y/o has a good grasp on time and the way the world turns... Cant help but think that the observer or her parents have put words in her mouth

Ray Honeybone: I just had to let a customer know that he missed cut off for ordering an item from Sydney due to Day Light savings. This has now cost him lost income for tomorrow and part of Friday. It effects business operators in QLD for sure. QLDers need to wake up and see the true cost of being behind every other state in this case.. well a lot of other cases.. I'm surprised QLD isn't the leader in mushroom exports due to being kept in the dark all the time..

Barbara Simms: No thankyou, lived through a trial of it when I was in my 20's, don't need it, don't want it. Resetting your body clock is horrible.....

Amanda Louise Wogandt: We need daylight saving in winter... not summer!!!

Harry Harrison: YES! Keep us inline with the other eastern states

Lea Lee: Kids out west traveling on buses in the heat of the day so kids down at SEQ can have extra play time. NO Qld doesn't end at Gympie

Adam Walker: I'm all for it. For the people working long hours or shift work its nice to be able to enjoy whats left of the day when you get home. I have to mow the lawn on my day off because there isn't enough daylight when i get home from work. I grew up in NSW and everyone looked forward to it every year.

Elizabeth Smith: NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! I highly doubt a 3 year old even understand what daylight savings is!!

Maddie Condren: If you cut 1 foot off one end of a blanket and sew it onto the other end, the blanket DOES NOT GET LONGER!!!!! Qld does NOT need daylight savings!

Rachael Lowry: We don't want day light saving, it's been tried in Qld & failed, why why why would anyone want it in Qld

Kim Broad: No to daylight savings there is enough light early and late in summer anyway. .. I grew up in nsw and going to bed when the sun is still up sucked big time

Jack Osborne: I just moved to qld from nsw. I kinda miss how when this time of year came around rather than be in bed for an extra hour of daylight, I was actually utilising that time at work. There was also more daylight to do stuff after work.

Sandra Hill: I grew up with daylight savings in NZ. Would love to see it here. We went to bed when it was daylight no problem, kids adapt.

Sheri Hope: Dear little Ella has absolutely no idea what it's like living with daylight savings....

Nathan Ross: The cows will get confused as will the roosters.

Kylie McDowall: You are too cute Ella! Daylight savings definitely needs to come to qld! You have so many valid points lets hope someone starts listening soon. :)

Sherie Elliott: Kids will wake up at 5am despite how light it is outside. I know because we have blinds and curtains in our 3 year old's room. The reverse side of this argument is getting them to go to bed at 7pm, or even 8pm, when it is still daylight! Having grown up in Sydney, I'm not a big fan of daylight saving. We are also far enough north that the arguments for it are not as valid.

Lyndell Gilson: Plus SEQ is the major player in this. The state is more than south east Queensland.

Jo Skehan: I love daylight saving....it's still the same number of hours in the day and your curtains won't fade and the cows will still milk......without DLS, do your own by getting up an hour earlier and going to bed an hour earlier...that's about it.

Mark 'Twiner' Griffiths: They trialed day light savings in QLD when I was a kid and it was pointless then and now being a Queenslander living in NSW I can tell you without a doubt that DLS is utter garbage. There's no need for it and NSW should get rid of it.