Thea Kennedy models a Bariano gown.
Thea Kennedy models a Bariano gown. Christopher Chan

Stunning gowns make dressing up for event an easy task

IT'S often the way that getting ready for an event is the most exciting and enjoyable part of the process and one that sticks in our memories.

Generally women love the opportunity to get dressed up.

It's a ritualistic pampering session which flows with sparkles, champagne, laughter and smiles.

Having the perfect dress, shoes and accessories is the icing on the cake.

Saltt Clothing, and a few other boutiques in Gladstone, stock the Australian brand Bariano.

It's a high-impact formal name which showcases modern styles and flowing fabrics.

It also gives a nod towards versatility - not a bad thing when you're investing a few hundred dollars.

The dresses feature built-in bras, attachable straps and some even have zip-off panels to create a whole new look.

Prices range from $350-$450.