Election 2015: Your guide to voting in Gladstone

The electorate of Gladstone.
The electorate of Gladstone. Queensland Electoral Commission

Where to vote: pre-poll and polling places

Postal voting

HERE'S everything you need to know to cast your vote in the Queensland election on January 31.

Gladstone has four candidates running for election.

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Craig Tomsett - Greens

Mr Tomsett, 45, says he supports sustainable industry in Gladstone - for the environment, the community, and for future generations. 

The candidate, who describes himself as a hospitality professional, campaigned as an independent in the 2013 Federal Election in the seat of Flynn.

Announcing his candidacy, he said that after the 2013 election experience he had researched all of the parties' policies, and decided that the Greens was the only party he could represent to ensure the community moved forward in a sustainable way.

"The issues haven't gone away - we just have to find sustainable solutions and make sure the community and industry can co-exist," he said.

"We can't allow the big corporations to come in to regional Queensland and not co-exist."

Craig Butler, Independent

Mr Butler is backed by retiring Gladstone independent Liz Cunningham.

He's a former Gladstone councillor who ran for mayor in 2012.

Mr Butler says if he's elected, he will focus on four main needs for the Gladstone region - creating more jobs, protecting the Gladstone port from being sold or leased, improvements to the Gladstone Hospital and obtaining more funding. 

"We need to develop the state development area in conjunction with the port, in conjunction with road corridors to make sure that jobs are created in this region for the long term," he said when announcing his candidacy.

"Jobs I'm talking about are for the diversity of industry. We need to get away from but focus on different industries apart from the LNG industries, coal, alumina, aluminium. We need to diversify."

Michael Duggan, LNP

Mr Duggan is a sustainability specialist for the Port of Gladstone who has lived here for two years.

Announcing his candidacy, he said his whole focus would be about ensuring Gladstone got a strong team member in parliament.

He said his experience as a sustainability specialist for Gladstone Port Corporation allowed him to understand what it would mean for Gladstone if the port was leased.

"The way we are going as a state is to ensure we can generate more jobs and move to the next stage of construction," he said.

"The only way we can do that is to have a very strong port. A lease will be something that will benefit Queenslanders for many generations, and for me that's my family."

Glenn Butcher, ALP

Mr Butcher is a superintendent at Queensland Alumina Ltd.

He ran against Mrs Cunningham in the 2012 election, receiving 29.19% of the vote.

He says the people of Gladstone needed to ask themselves if they were happy with what an independent had done for Gladstone in the past 20 years.

Mr Butcher's three main concerns for Gladstone are the lease of the port, which he is against, the state of Gladstone Hospital, and keeping land set aside for a high school at Calliope.

He says the Gladstone Port is the economic lifeblood of the region, and thousands of jobs in the local community are under threat if it is privatised.


Pre-poll offices:

  • Agnes Water: Council building, 71 Springs Rd, Agnes Water. Open 9am-4.30pm, and 9am-6pm on January 30.
  • Gladstone: Returning officer, 71A Lord St, Gladstone. Open 9am-5pm, and 9am to 6pm on January 30.

Polling booths - open from 8am to 6pm on January 31:

  • Ambrose - State school at 39 Gentle Annie Rd.
  • Benaraby - State school at 17 O'Connor Rd.
  • Boyne Island - Mt Larcom Room Community Centre, cnr Wyndham and Hayes Ave.
  • Calliope - State School, Dawson Hwy.
  • Clinton - State school, 224 Harvey Rd.
  • Gladstone - Chanel College, 11 Paterson St
  • Gladstone - PCYC, Yarroon St
  • Gladstone Central - Central State School, 74 Auckland St
  • Gladstone South - State school, 153 Toolooa St.
  • Gladstone Valley - Gladstone Kindergarten, 149 Auckland St
  • Gladstone West - State school, cnr Boles and Breslin Sts
  • Kin Kora - State school, 43 Hibiscus Ave
  • Mount Larcom - State school, Raglan St
  • Seaview - St Peters Anglican Church, 50 J Hickey Ave
  • Tannum Sands - State high school, 65 Coronation Drive
  • Ubobo - State school, 16 Cedarvale Rd
  • Yarwun - state school, 35 Butler St


AN application for a postal vote must be made by 7pm on January 28. 

You will be sent a ballot paper and declaration envelope, which must be completed by 6pm on polling day.

Voters must then return the vote in the envelope provided so it is received no later than 6pm on the 10th day after polling day. 

Applications can be made online here or by phoning 1300 881 665.