Election donations rolling in: Ipswich candidate scores $30K

ALMOST $30,000 has already been donated to one candidate's campaign for the upcoming Ipswich mayoral by-election.

Election donations have begun appearing on the Electoral Commission Queensland's website following the State Government's move to 'real-time donation' disclosure - and sitting Cr Andrew Antoniolli is the big winner so far.

Under the new rules, candidates must report donations within seven business days.

Ipswich voters are among the first to experience the new system, meaning voters will know where candidates' funding came from before casting their vote.

The ECQ website shows Cr Andrew Antoniolli has already received $29,600 from 12 different people in 13 separate donations.

Among those was a $15,000 payment from Plencove Pty Ltd made on July 17.

Plencove, owned by Roy Wilson who also owns Nu Grow, was a supporter of former mayor Paul Pisasale and made a donation of $10,000 to Mr Pisasale's campaign in 2016.

Cr Antoniolli said the significant donation reflected Mr Wilson's faith in him as a potential future leader and explained the $15,000 was put towards his campaign dinner launch at 88 Limestone St.

"I've been overwhelmed by the support I've received from people of all walks of life; mums, dads, business owners . . . " Cr Antoniolli said. He has also received a significant donation, $5000, from Jim McIlmurray - owner of JJ Investments Trust.

But according to the disclosure returns, Mr McIlmurray also supports another sitting councillor. On July 14, he made a donation of $2000 to Acting Mayor Paul Tully.

Cr Antoniolli also said there had been a number of donations under $500, the threshold where donations must be declared.

Cr Tully's disclosure shows only two donations from outside parties, the $2000 from JJ Investments Trust and $3000 from Bruce Leslie, a well-known Ipswich businessman who has been selected to serve on the Queensland Urban Utilities Board, starting next year.

Mr Leslie is also Cr Tully's campaign manager.

Cr Tully's declarations include an internal transaction between his own accounts of $2332.76 and a $5000 donation from Cr Tully's personal account to his campaign account.

Cr Tully said another declaration, for a campaign billboard provided free of charge and erected at Queen St in Goodna on Wednesday, would show up on the website soon.

"That billboard has been provided free of charge, so that will appear on the register within seven days," Cr Tully said.

JJ Investments was mentioned during the CCC Operation Belcarra hearings in April when it was revealed Cr Tully failed to properly declare $6000 in donations, $2000 of which came from JJ Investments.

No donations to other candidates have appeared on the website yet.