ELECTION: Data disconnect for Fraser Coast voters

COST of living has emerged as the number one issue for people in both Fraser Coast electorates.

But according to new survey data, parties vying for the seats are not on the same page as voters.

A new website called The Perfect Candidate, compiled by the Australian Futures Project, uses data to determine the primary issue of each electorate and compares it to the priorities of the major political parties.

The website lists the top five priorities for the Nationals, ALP, One Nation and the Greens.

Drawing on responses from more than 125,000 people, the survey suggests none of the parties listed align with the needs of the electorates.

With Nationals incumbents in both the seat of Hinkler and the seat of Wide Bay, the party was found to be only slightly aligned with the concerns of these electorates.

Keeping day-to-day living costs down was the number one issue in both electorates.

The Nationals' number one issue was the needs of people outside cities.

Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien said survey data only told you so much.

He said when it came to being a local member, it was important to adapt to the needs of the electorate.

He pointed to his decision to vote in favour of legalising same-sex marriage after 55 per cent of Wide Bay voters expressed their support as an example of his ability to align his views with that of his electorate.

Rounding out the top five issues for the Nationals were improving hospital and health services, reducing crime and maintaining law and order, managing the economy and improving business in Australia.

The Labor Party was found to be somewhat aligned to the concerns of both electorates, with improving education the party's top priority, according to the data.

It was followed by improving health services and hospitals, then cost of living.

Fair workplace regulations and global warming were also priorities for Labor.

The other top priorities for Wide Bay, according to the data, are improving health services and hospitals, open and honest government, managing the economy and reducing crime.

Hinkler's were almost identical, but reducing unemployment made the list instead of managing the economy.

The website also compared the priorities of the electorates to those of One Nation and the Greens.

According the the data, the top five issues for One Nation were managing immigration and population growth, improving business in Australia, the needs of people outside cities, open and honest government and improving health and hospital services.

One Nation was slightly aligned with the priorities of both electorates.

The Greens' priorities were listed as global warming and climate change, open and honest government, improving education, improving health and hospital services and reducing unemployment.

The Greens were slightly aligned in the Wide Bay and somewhat aligned in Hinkler.

To find out more, head to theperfectcandidate.org.au to see the data.