Council candidates in struggle to sell them self

IN TWO minutes you can take out the trash, send an in-depth text or heat up a meal.

But can you sell yourself to a crowd of voters?

That's what council candidates were tasked to do on Saturday at the meet and greet event at the CQUniversity Gladstone campus.

Most took the two minute speech as an opportunity to list their qualifications and work history.

While others outlined what personal qualities would make them a good councillor.

The crowd was mostly silent, with the occasional murmur or chuckle.

Warm applauds were given to most candidates.

The hot topics for the morning were rates, roads and jobs.

The words leadership, community and small business were mentioned in almost all of the speeches.

It was obvious the different approaches to public speaking the candidates had.

Some chose to share jokes and generate a few laughs - while others kept it very serious.

Residents like Rodney Spratt wanted to find out more about how the candidates would actually benefit Gladstone.

Taking his vote seriously, he had a notepad snug on his lap, with every candidate's name.

Next to the names was either a tick or a cross.

"I have an issue with the management of the airport," the pilot said.

"I noticed today there were a lot of motherhood statements - anyone can say that, I wanted to know how they would actually help Gladstone," he said.

Mr Spratt approached each candidate in the foyer to pose his questions to them.

Linton and Shirley Harvey, Wurdong Heights residents, have a better idea of who they will be voting come March 19.

"It was a very short time for them to get their message across, so it would've been difficult," Mrs Harvey said.

They were listening for candidates who mentioned the outer Gladstone region - which was most of them.

"We're very keen for the Boyne Valley to get better roads and communications, it's terrible what they have to go through," she said.

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It will be an opportunity for mayoral candidates to meet the public and answer questions.