Election candidates log on to answer your questions

WE all have a question or two that we would like to ask each of our local federal election candidates, and The Observer is giving you the chance to do just that.

This week and next we will have online chats with candidates in the seat of Flynn.

All you need to do is open the story which will be on the main page of the website, scroll down to the chat and submit a question or three.

We will be moderating comments from our end, which means anything inappropriate will not be approved, and only one question at a time will be submitted so the candidate will have time to reply before another question is submitted.

This is your chance to directly ask candidates about their policies and what they stand for.

Katter's Australian Party candidate Richard Love will kick off the chats from 2-3pm this Wednesday, August 28.

Mr Love, 46, is originally from outside Edinburgh, but has been living at his property 15km north of Bundaberg for the past eight years.

He is a sugar farmer who has previously worked for Smorgon Steel.

Next week independent Craig Tomsett will join our chat on Tuesday, September 3 from 1-2pm, followed by Palmer United Party candidate Steve Ensby on September 4 from 1-2pm.

ALP candidate Chris Trevor's campaign schedule means he is unable to participate in a chat, but he is happy to answer specific questions sent to his office.

Other candidates will be scheduled as their time permits.

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