Election 2017: Nicholls' warning to minor party voters

TIM Nicholls has outlined his five-point plan to "build a better Queensland" - but only mentioned One Nation by name in his closing remarks.

Instead the would-be-premier spoke about "minor parties" and discouraged Queenslanders from voting for them.

Speaking at a party election launch in his inner-Brisbane electorate, the LNP leader promised a better deal for regional Queenslanders - and vowed against forming a coalition with One Nation or selling state-owned assets.

Mr Nicholls urged voters against picking a minor party candidate, promising the LNP was the party of change.

"I understand that people are frustrated with the major parties and are looking to shake things up," he said.

"I say to people thinking of voting for a minor party: I respect your desire to get a better go. I am listening and acting on your concerns.

"Change is possible, the change you want is possible.

"But it comes only from voting for your local LNP candidate."

Mr Nicholls said as premier he would create jobs and manage the state's finances, reduce the cost of living, support families, provide safe communities and build infrastructure.

"We've promised and we will deliver a New Deal for Regional Queensland focused on solving local problems with local solutions," he said.

"Our plans and priorities stand in stark contrast to this do-nothing Labor Government with a Premier who can't make a decision."

Other than his comments on "minor parties" Mr Nicholls was almost silent on One Nation, only mentioning the rival conservative party in his closing remarks.

"I have ruled out, on countless occasions, any deal with One Nation. There will be no deal, no coalition and no shared ministry. Put simply, a vote for One Nation is a vote for Labor," he said. -NewsRegional