Hard to pinpoint why but elderly will decide Flynn's future

GLADSTONE'S in a most unusual situation, come this Federal Election.

While there are a vast number of younger people in our fair city, statistics show that the greater majority of people who will vote in this electorate are aged over 70.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly why, but one has to assume that a large number of people who have come to live in Gladstone in recent years are either not Australian citizens or they have not changed their official town of residence.

So are we, the people of Gladstone, happy that our political future is decided by the wise older age group, or would we all like to have a say?

If people feel that the balance is not correct, and that the younger generations should be making the call, they need to make sure they are on the correct electoral roll.

It's too late now to make any changes, as the roll is closed, but it would seem sensible that if you want to have a say in Flynn that you either decide to become a citizen or change your residential address.

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