Elderly man fights off three intruders and wins

HE LOOKED like the underdog but this 84-year-old man came out on top when he fought off two offenders, who were armed with three weapons.

The elderly man was asleep in his Port Macquarie home early on Saturday morning when two men, armed with a pole, a hammer and a kitchen knife, woke the man from his slumber and demanded money.

Police said the elderly man directed the offenders to his wallet on a nearby chest of drawers.

As the man attempted to get up, one of the offenders struck him over the arms with the pole.

The second offender - armed with a hammer and a knife - soon intervened but the elderly man took him on.

Police said the man and the offender, who had two weapons, rolled onto the floor, where the elderly man managed to break the blade off the kitchen knife.

As the offender attempted to use his last remaining weapon - a hammer - the elderly man stabbed him in the stomach with the broken knife blade.

Police said the elderly man then grabbed the pole off the uninjured offender and used it to chase the two criminals out of his home.

The offenders only got away with the man's wallet.

The elderly man escaped the confrontation with a few cuts to his leg and head.

Police are now searching for two heavy built men, one short and one about 205cm tall, with black hooded jumpers.

Anyone with information should phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.