IN COURT: Denis Barry received a large fine after failing to comply with his reporting conditions.
IN COURT: Denis Barry received a large fine after failing to comply with his reporting conditions.

Elderly child offender fails to report teen chat room sites

A MAGISTRATE said it was "concerning" that a man, who was formerly a reporting offender, failed to report two accounts linked to a teenager's chat room site.

Denis Christopher Barry, 71, today pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to three counts of failing to comply with reporting.

The court heard until June this year, Barry had been a reportable offender under the child protection offender reporting and offender prohibition act.

One of the conditions was he had to report any email addresses or social media accounts.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Grant Klaassen told the court on June 10 police went to Barry's home to do a compliance check.

Police checked Barry's internet history where they found an email address which had been linked to two accounts on a popular themed chat room site for teenagers.

Sgt Klaassen said one of the conditions for the site was people were not to be under 13 or over 19 years of age.

Neither accounts were reported.

They also found an email address which had not been reported.

Sgt Klaassen told the court Barry had been fined in the past for failing to report other social media accounts.

Barry's lawyer Lani Olafsson told the court her client was no longer subject to reporting conditions and the compliance check was done 10 days before his reporting was to be complete.

Ms Olafsson said there while there was no date showing when Barry had accessed the site, he accepted they were linked accounts.

She said her client didn't remember having them, but accepted he would have accessed them at some point.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account Barry's plea of guilty and said it was a concern he had accessed the site.

"The nature of the website has been provided to me and that is a concern given your previous convictions," he said.

Mr Moloney also took into account Barry's reporting obligations ended 10 days after the check and his previous history.

Barry was fined $1500 and a conviction was recorded.