Efforts continue to convince people local seafood is safe

LOCAL fishermen and industry met on Monday to work on boosting the image of Gladstone region seafood.

Peter Milne is chairing the Gladstone Seafood Promotion Fund, after resigning in March from his previous role as chairman of Safe Food Queensland.

He said Monday's forum had been a success.

"We were a bit disappointed with (the fishing) industry (turnout)," he said.

"Having said that, three people came along, a number sent apologies and a number sent input by letter.

"I hope that somewhere along the line we develop enough confidence that the fishermen can bring their mates along."

Gladstone Fish Market director Simon Whittingham expressed his disgust at the Gladstone Ports Corporation's compensation fund.

"It's just too little too late. The damage has already been done," he said.

"We filter a lot of public perception through our retail outlet and people are still very supportive of our decision that we will not take (Gladstone) product out there."

The fund's volunteer board members include local commercial crabber Wayne Petersen, Boyne Island's Smithy's Seafood owner Ken Smith and recreational fisher Blue Thompson.

Mr Milne indicated the State Government's GPC was investing more than $1 million into the fund, which included his employment, administrative services and the carry-out of the fund's marketing and promotional recommendations.

"(We hope) to have finished recommendations by the end of this year," Mr Milne said.