The truck carrying eels overturned on Highway101 in the US.
The truck carrying eels overturned on Highway101 in the US. Oregon State Police

Eel truck slimes US highway with 3.4 tonnes of 'hagfish'

A TRUCK carrying 3.4 tonnes of eels has crashed causing a slimy situation on a US highway.   

Oregon State Police responded to the collision involving the truck and four vehicles noon Thursday. 


The Mitsubishi truck driven by a 59-year-old Lincoln man was loaded with thirteen containers of a net weight of 3.4 tonnes of hagfish (commonly known as slime eels).   

When Hagfish become stressed, they secrete a slime, which added to the secretion already covering the surface of the road from the spill.   

Police believe the crash occurred when the truck, was unable to brake at a construction stop.    

The transfer of weight caused one of the containers to come off the truck bed and fly across the highway into the southbound lane.  

The other containers separated from the bed of the truck and spilled onto the highway.

As a result, the flat bed completely separated from frame of the truck. 

The container struck the vehicles, triggering a chain reaction, pushing four vehicles into each other.

Only minor injuries reported from first vehicle.  

Fire crews worked to clean up the highway by hosing the Hagfish and slime off the roadway.