Jacqueline Colyer Sunrise on Callide Dam
Jacqueline Colyer Sunrise on Callide Dam

‘Educational and fun’: Dam Open Day goes digital

Central Queenslanders have the unique opportunity to learn about one of the region’s most important dams today, with the help of an Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

Sunwater’s Executive General Manager of Water Resources and Dam Safety James Stuart said using AR technology to run a Callide Dam Open Day was a first for the company.

“Like many organisations, we have had to be flexible and think differently about how best to deliver programs to our customers and the community in response to the COVID-19 public health crisis,” Mr Stuart said.

“For the Callide Dam Open Day, it was important to find a way to share vital information with the community, while ensuring everyone remains safe and we’re delighted to have found a way to do that.”

Developed for the event, Sunwater’s immersive AR experience covers safety hazards and risks at water storages, how dams work and how to prepare for weather events and potential emergencies.

To participate, attendees can print the Dam Open Day map and step-by-step instructions from Sunwater’s website.

They can then access the interactive features with a smart phone or tablet camera.

Unlike many other AR tools, the Sunwater experience is web-based so there is no need to download a mobile app.

“Our Dam Open Days are popular events, which give people a chance to chat with our team members, learn who we are, what we do and how our dams work,” Mr Stuart said.

“While we are disappointed we could not come together for a traditional Dam Open Day event, we hope this year’s AR experience is both educational and a bit of fun.”

The Callide Dam Open Day is available for viewing via the Sunwater website at https://www.sunwater.com.au/community/callide-dam-and-burdekin-falls-dam-open-days-arecoming-to-you/