Eddie McGuire... calling for cool heads in Adam Goodes row.
Eddie McGuire... calling for cool heads in Adam Goodes row. John Tsiavis

Eddie McGuire warns Goodes egg plan will lead to riot

EDDIE McGuire has warned that plans by Sydney Swans fans to hurl eggs at anyone who boos Adam Goodes could lead to an ugly race riot.

McGuire this morning pleaded with Sydney fans to reconsider plans to hurl eggs at any supporter heard booing at Goodes if and when he returns to play for the Swans.

Goodes has taken personal level and will not be playing this weekend.

A Swans supporter today claimed sections of the cheer squad intend to sneak eggs into the venue of Goodes' first game back and throw them at booing fans, Melbourne's Herald Sun reported.

McGuire said that act could spark crowd violence.

"Now you've got a situation where the Sydney Swans cheer squad have said they're going to bring eggs to the game," McGuire said on his Triple M breakfast show.

"That'll cause a riot.

"Once it's gone too far, once it's got to a situation where a person is affected by it, well then you go, 'Hang on, what's the upside of booing Adam Goodes other than driving the bloke out of the game and now making it hugely uncomfortable for everyone else around there?'"

He said the situation is already out of the AFL's control and called on fans not to escalate the already volatile situation.

The captains of all 18 AFL clubs have made an unprecedented plea to football fans to stop the abuse, while some high-profile sporting personalities - including Shane Warne, Sam Newman and Jason Akermanis - have defended the crowd's right to keep booing.