Hearing clinician Allen Fort is the Gladstone region's first full time hearing clinician.
Hearing clinician Allen Fort is the Gladstone region's first full time hearing clinician. Brenda Strong

Good to hear new clinician loves Gladstone lifestyle

WOULD you believe Gladstone has never had a full-time hearing clinician?

You might think it is strange the region never had a permanent ear doctor, but the fact is, they don't grow on trees.

All that changed three months ago, thanks to the arrival of a full-time clinician at Connect Hearing at the Nightowl Centre.

The best news is, not only has he arrived, but he loves living here.

Allen Fort was working as a clinician in Brisbane before he was offered the chance to work in Gladstone.

At the time, his new boss told him about the region and then set about trying to convince Mr Fort this was the right fit for him.

He needn't have bothered.

"He (the new boss) said, 'I'll fly you up and show you the place,'" Mr Fort recalls.

"And I said to him, 'What for? I'll take it'."

Mr Fort wanted to go regional. He was sick of spending one and a half hours commuting to work every day.

"No one wanted to go into the regions (to work)," he said. "But I wanted it.

"I've got 20 hours extra in my life a week. This suits my lifestyle and needs."

"I love it."

Connect Hearing Gladstone practice manager Tanya Wright knows how much this region needs a full time audio clinician.

"It (a full time clinician) was actually necessary a few years ago," she said.

"It was difficult because we would have really bad waiting times."

The ear business is just like any other business in Gladstone - attracting skilled staff is never easy.

Now Gladstone has got its man and it is clear Ms Wright is excited about the direction the practice is heading.

It is also clear Mr Fort is excited to be here. He is enjoying the blend of country beauty with modern life in Gladstone - the best of both worlds.

Proving how much Gladstone needed a full time clinician, Connect Hearing has doubled its client numbers since Mr Fort arrived.

Now they want to get out into the businesses and surrounding areas.