Dylan Alcott blasted the airline’s 'inhumane' treatment.
Dylan Alcott blasted the airline’s 'inhumane' treatment.

Alcott blasts airline after wheelchair fail

AUSSIE multi-sport paralympian Dylan Alcott has taken to Twitter to blast an Australian airline for forgetting to bring his wheelchair to the gate after landing.

The four-time Australian Open winner said he had "no idea" where it was left in a furious post on Friday afternoon.

He said the treatment was "inhumane" but did not name the specific airline, suggesting the same incident has occured more than once.

"Waiting for TOO LONG! Australian airlines need to sort their shit out. It is inhumane and unfair taking peoples independence away and not caring about it," he said.

"Woeful. You should have it with you, reachable at all times," one commenter said.