Domestic violence victim is on the run to stay alive

"HE will find me one day and will do the job properly."

Those are the chilling words from one woman who has been on the run for years from her abusive ex-partner.

The woman, who now lives in Rockhampton and wishes to remain anonymous, told The Morning Bulletin it was not fair for her, and other women in similar situations, to have to keep running to keep themselves and their children alive.

The 44-year-old woman's nightmare began more than a decade ago when domestic violence started in her relationship with her ex-partner.

She said it was not always as easy as simply walking out and leaving him behind, especially when children were involved.

"We were stuck; he would lock us in the house. If I went out for groceries, he'd keep one child knowing I'd come back for them and he took the phone," she said.

It was in 2012 that her situation changed. After a fight which ended up with her being hospitalised due to a weapon smashed over her head, her ex-partner was arrested.

She was now safe, but the feeling didn't last long.

In less than two years he was out of prison and she says he has been trying to find her ever since.

"(When we were together) I would wake up to him bashing me; he would have dreams of his mum telling him I was having an affair," she said.

"He knew what he was doing. He's a sick person and really evil."

The woman has fled to several different states in the past three years, making sure he never finds her.

She hopes she can return home one day, as Rock- hampton isn't home for the family.

"I can't sit tight where I am and I can't live here; it's too expensive (for me)," she said.

The woman told The Bulletin this way of life was not fair on her or her children.

She said she hadn't had much luck with the police and court system.

She doesn't believe anything will be done until it's too late for her.

"It's not fair; we can't keep running, hiding and losing family," she said.