Readers share advice on cleanest Gladstone suburbs

A MAN looking to move his family to Gladstone for business has written an open letter to this paper, seeking advice from readers about where the best and 'cleanest' suburbs to live are.

The letter was written in response to a report released late last week by health and environment group Environmental Justice Australia, which said there had been an increase in airborne dust pollution in this city in the past five years.

Readers have been quick to pass on their advice to the family, and the issue is now an ongoing conversation.


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The letter was submitted as a Your Story on our website. You can read it in full here.

"We've been considering a move to Gladstone for a while now, for business/work related reasons," the man wrote.

"We were all ready to do it, and then last week I read a few articles about air quality (in Gladstone and central Queensland) and related levels of asthma.

"We have a little boy, and we're now really concerned."

Speaking to The Observer, he said air quality concerned him more than water quality.

"I'd started packing, read that, did some research, stopped packing. We still want to because of the business opportunity.

"Calliope is a good target but there's two rail lines going right through town. We're going to keep researching and decide by Monday."

Reader responses have included:

Sweetlip (Barney Point): Miriam Vale is clean. Gladstone may get better after the council is replaced next year.

Mini (Australia): The air quality in Gladstone is better than some would have you believe. It's actually cleaner than most larger cities, but is made up of larger particulates (I guess that is bad for asthma).

Kirkwood is a good choice as it is not in the line of prevailing winds. I would avoid areas like Barney Point as it is in the direct line of fire from QAL and Barney Point Coal Terminal.

Herealongtime (Gladstone): Hello Concerned Father, the air quality here is not as bad as most make out. Kirkwood is not near any rail lines and any of the industry is a fair distance away as well.

The power station is actually very clean compared to when I grew up here in the 70's and 80's. The whole town is very clean.

Yes the coal dust can be a problem at times but without these industries we would not have a town here. People forget this at times I feel.

Come and see for yourself first if you have concerns and you will be surprised at how clean it is.

Karsha (Gladstone): If your little fella is already sensitive to air quality and changes in air quality, avoid Gladstone.

There is generally more cases of respiratory conditions within this town (even my and my partner's own).

You can't and won't avoid the coal dust. Sorry! The money's good if you're in construction ;).

Bundynevets (Bargara): Good on you doing some research. Kirkwood is where the investors all bought, small houses and blocks with narrow roads are typical of Kirkwood.

Also once the construction around here ends it will become a ghetto inhabited by whoever the property owners can get.

Go out to sea in front of Gladstone and look back at the green haze sitting above the whole area and you'll see moving two suburbs from the CBD won't help.

GaryDoggett (Brisbane): The simplest advice is to see how the air quality in Gladstone ranks alongside other centres.

Ray68 (Boyne Island): Clean air in Boyne and Tannum.

StephenWellings (Australia): The prevailing winds are from the south east in Gladstone. Therefore anywhere a few k's south of Boyne Island is clean. Tannum Sands and Calliope would be wise choices.