NOT BINNED: Fish waste has been dumped on Seventeen Seventy beach since Gladstone Regional Council removed bins at the marina.
NOT BINNED: Fish waste has been dumped on Seventeen Seventy beach since Gladstone Regional Council removed bins at the marina.

Dumped dead fish washing up at 1770 after bins removed

FISH carcasses are washing up on the beach at Seventeen Seventy; as fishermen choose to throw them into the water rather than make the extra effort to take them to the dump.

It's a changed situation after Gladstone Regional Council removed the fish waste bins from the marina last week.

The CEO, Stuart Randle, says he believes it's a better sight now the overfull skip bins are gone.

He says they were being misused and were overflowing with general household waste.

The fish waste bins were removed last week. Janina Speck And Contributed

But the decision has inconvenienced the fishermen who now need to take their fish waste home or to the transfer station on Captain Cook Dr.

But it's only open from 8am until midday every day.

And so the carcasses that are now turning up on beaches have some residents fearing it wasn't the right decision.

Janina Speck has already cleaned up some of the carcasses from the beach.

"Apart from it being not very nice to see at the doorstep of businesses, it will also attract stonefish and bull sharks," Mrs Speck said.

"People swim here all the time. I can see five people swimming now, and others on kayaks and paddle boards.

"It's completely out of touch with the tourism opportunities and everything else that's going on in Agnes Water. They say they plan to double tourism by 2020, but that's not going to happen if they keep doing things like this."

Explaining his council's decision, Gladstone Regional Council CEO Stuart Randle said 90% of the rubbish in the four skip bins was household waste.

"We're just going to have to get the fishermen to do the responsible thing and take their rubbish with them, or take them to the waste facility," he said.

"That's what I do when I go fishing, I take my rubbish with me ... in terms of fish frames, and you can either put them in the esky or freeze them and take them out to the bins next time you get the opportunity."

Mr Randle said while the council would continue to observe the situation, he expected the decision would stand.

"I think it's just as bad whether it's fish carcasses on the beach or overflowing bins at the boat ramp. It's not a good look for our tourism hot spot."

1770 Marina Cafe owner Ruth Geck is pleased to see the bins - and the smell that came with them - gone.

"Originally they were beside us and we couldn't sleep at night because the smell was so strong. I pushed them across the road and you could smell it from our café. It was just such a disgusting thing. I don't want them to come back," she said.

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