HELLO ANDREW: Recent Ipswich mayoral candidate Gary Duffy has floated policies he hopes the next mayor Andrew Antoniolli will consider.
HELLO ANDREW: Recent Ipswich mayoral candidate Gary Duffy has floated policies he hopes the next mayor Andrew Antoniolli will consider. David Nielsen

Duffy keen to work with Antoniolli

GARY Duffy insists he is looking forward to putting some of his policies and ideas forward to new mayor Cr Andrew Antoniolli once he is sworn into the top job.

Cr Antoniolli said he had offered to consider the good ideas of all candidates, including Mr Duffy, in his coming term in office.

Mr Duffy, who will run for mayor again in 2020, said he was heartened by Cr Antoniolli's approach.

"At the first (candidates) forum Andrew said to me that when he won the election he would sit down with me," Mr Duffy said.

"He said 'Gary, you have some wonderful policies and I want to bring them forward'. That changed my opinion of Andrew quite a bit at that point."


Ipswich's newly elected mayor Andrew Antoniolli talks about his family history and how he came to live in Ipswich.
Ipswich's newly elected mayor Andrew Antoniolli is open to good ideas. David Nielsen

Cr Antoniolli said he didn't make the offer just to Mr Duffy.

"It was in fact to all of (the candidates) because there were a number of things raised that were worthy of consideration," he said.

"No one person has a monopoly on good ideas and the collective may very well come up with some very good ideas.

"I am very happy to sit down with them collectively or individually to discuss those matters."

Mr Duffy outlined some of his own ideas for Ipswich going forward.

"I'd like to see domestic violence addressed as a priority, because we had so many people come out to us privately and they wanted that issue addressed," Mr Duffy said.

"When there is personal damage to people it is important that is addressed first.

"We have neglected safe housing and we need to have safe housing.

"The council owns a lot of houses in Ipswich that are vacant and so I think some of those can have an electrical check to make sure they are safe to enter, and then they could be put in the hands of domestic violence groups.

"Then they can source some furniture and get people into a safe house. Maybe the Men's Shed could come around and build a secure fence around the premises."

Mr Duffy said he hoped Cr Antoniolli would look at some of his policies.

"I'd like to see the second Bremer River crossing at the Barry St bridge by 2020," he said.

"I'd also like to see the equine centre built in Rosewood just like the one in Tamworth.

"There is a cost to the Ipswich ratepayer but it would pay it back to the Ipswich people in two years. That would not only generate jobs but would also bring in about $12 million into the Ipswich economy.

"I would also like to see the planning review panel I have proposed come in which would be fantastic and show true transparency in council."

Cr Antoniolli said Mr Duffy's policies were not necessarily the "leading lights" of all proposals he'd heard from candidates.

"But certainly some of them are worthy of thought," he said.

"The issue of the domestic violence housing would certainly be worthwhile considering."

He said there were other possible options for council-owned buildings worth mulling over.