Dry season puts community on fire alert

THE fire season's well and truly upon us.

And our firefighters are expecting a big few weeks ahead of them as the undergrowth is tinder-dry.

Now's the time we need to take extra precautions to make sure that we don't accidentally start a fire ourselves.

As well as that, it's hugely important that extra care is taken to ensure there is little in the way of fuel close to our homes should a rogue fire head our way.

On the whole, the folk who are busy virtually every day fighting fires or back-burning in an effort to protect other people's property are volunteers - people who take up the challenge just so that they can help their fellow man.

It's pretty obvious that it would be totally unreasonable for any one of us to make the life of these men and women harder than it already is.

They are prepared to be called out at any time of the night or day, just to save us from heartache.

We need to salute these wonderful volunteers and do everything to make their lives a little easier.