‘Dry-out’ period for man, 22, after committing crime spree

A MAN with grave alcohol issues has been handed a "dry-out" period by Magistrate Russell Warfield.

Shane Ambrose Yow Yeh had been affected by alcohol when he went on a crime spree in Roma.

He was later nabbed on Dalrymple Dr, Gladstone on August 26.

Yow Yeh was a passenger in a car and was arrested due to an outstanding failure to appear notice.

He had been arrested in Roma on June 10 for being drunk in public, before he proceeded to verbally abuse arresting officers, threatening to cut their throats and spit on them.

He was charged for those offences, as well as one count of stealing from a Roma bottle shop.

He found himself in trouble with alcohol on release, stealing 12 bottles of Hahn Super Dry from a house on June 15 before Yow Yeh eventually turned up in Gladstone Magistrates Court.

The 22-year-old was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for a number of charges, with a parole release date of January 28.