Heavy price for drinking for victim of intoxicated act

"A DRUNKEN party that got out of control."

How many times has that been the excuse, for criminal damage, for violence, for worse.

Now, Gladstone's District Court has heard the story of yet another drunken party.

More than three years ago, a Wurdong Heights gathering left Brendan Clarke with a ruptured Achilles heel, and facing months of rehab.

The intoxicated act changed his life, and on Tuesday it finally came before the court.

But as Mr Clarke discovered, even if you're not the drunken perpetrator, you can still pay a heavy price for your drinking.

As defence barrister David Murray asked, "Would you rely on the memory of someone who had gone out and got absolutely slotted?"

Meanwhile, Gladstone's peak party season is upon us like a freight train.

How many more horrific examples do we need, of drunken antics gone wrong, before we can actually take responsibility for our out-of-control drinking culture?