Loyalty costs drunken man $650 fine and venue ban

"STANDING up for idiot friends."

It doesn't sound like the strongest defence for your bad behaviour when being questioned by police.

For one man who faced Gladstone Magistrates Court recently, his act of drunken loyalty cost him $650 and a six-month ban from three licensed venues in the CBD.

Hayden Andrew Miller pleaded guilty to one count of assaulting or obstructing a police officer and one count of public nuisance after an incident on February 22.

The court heard that about 3.30am on February 22, one of Miller's friends became involved in an altercation with security guards at the nightclub formerly known as Bojangles.

Miller went to pull the guards off his friend, before taking his shirt off and continuing to threaten security guards for some time after the original scuffle.

Once police arrived, Miller stood in the way of attending officers in an attempt to hinder their efforts to talk to his friend.