The drunken man was found lying beside his car and attempting to drink more wine.
The drunken man was found lying beside his car and attempting to drink more wine.

Drunken driver crashes while nearly 5 times legal limit

WHEN police located Daniel Russell Quick after reports of an erratic driver near Warwick, he was lying beside his car with a wine bottle in his hand.

His door was open and the keys were in the ignition of the still-running vehicle, which was seriously damaged after bouncing off the guard rail of a bridge in a car crash at Glengallan just minutes earlier.

Despite being almost five times the legal limit and already smashing up his car, Quick tried to drink from his wine bottle in front of police.

The Warwick Magistrates Court heard the 43-year-old was cooperative with officers and told them he was making his way to Victoria to see family.

He had lost his job as a support worker in May due to coronavirus and the former drug addict had relapsed, this time turning to alcohol.

Quick held back tears as he told the court his decision to drive under those circumstances on October 14 changed his life forever.

"It's ruined my life. I live in rural Cambooya and can't live there without a licence," he said.

"I had lost my job and was drinking very heavily and I realise now I have a dependency on alcohol and I am seeking help.

"I'm just glad I didn't hurt or kill anyone else."

Quick said he moved to Queensland three years ago, seeking a new job and fresh start after battling a meth habit.

The court heard he has been clean of the drug ever since, but was now again taking steps toward recovery.

"I haven't had a drink since (the arrest) and it's been a huge wake-up call for me," he said.

Magistrate Julian Noud told Quick his blood alcohol concentration of 0.234 was "frightful".

"That is an extraordinarily high reading, Mr Quick and speaks of, in my view, someone with a deeper underlying problem with alcohol," he said.

Mr Noud sentenced Quick to 9 months' probation and disqualified him from driving for 12 months.

"The hope is, Mr Quick, with the steps you have already taken and Probation and Parole, by the time you can drive again you have got on top of the issues at hand," Mr Noud said.



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