Chef terminated over drunken antics fined $400 in court

A FORMER chef at a local licensed venue really cooked his goose, after his drunken antics cost him not only his job, but a further $400 in fines.

Grant Brett Cerff was sentenced in the Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Cerff pleaded guilty to one count of being drunk or disorderly in premises to which a permit/licence relates.

Police prosecutor Emma Bonnyman read out the facts of the incident, which occurred at about 2am on April 4.

Police were patrolling Goondoon St, when they were flagged down by security staff at The Reef Hotel.

Upon arrival, police observed Cerff to be intoxicated.

He was acting abusively towards security staff and the attending officers themselves.

Security informed police that Cerff had been drinking before he walked around and stood behind the bar.

He told other staff to "f**k off, I f*****g work here".

He then told policemen and security that he could do what he wanted as he worked at the venue.

Police then arrested him and transported him to the watchhouse.

Cerff's duty solicitor told the court Cerff had been employed as a chef at The Reef Hotel at the time of his offending.

He had engaged in an altercation with another employee on the night in question.

His employment was terminated as a result of his drunken antics.

Magistrate Russell Warfield condemned the actions of Cerff, convicted him and fined him $400.