Drunk stranger in the wrong bed

IT wasn't quite like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears when a South Mackay woman found someone sleeping in her bed.

There was no fairytale ending because the stranger lying beside her wasn't her partner and was, in fact, a complete stranger.

William Morrison, 28, of Blacks Beach, was so drunk he walked into the wrong house and climbed into the wrong bed and totally startled the woman who was sleeping there with her daughter.

The incident came to light about 5.30am on Sunday, June 26, when police were detailed to attend an address in Kippen St, prosecutor Bimal Raut told the Mackay Magistrates Court.

A woman and her daughter were asleep in the master bedroom when she heard someone come in and lie down beside her.

She did nothing because she thought it was her partner.

A short time later she rolled over and put her arm around him and noticed his clothes were wet.

So she felt his hair and it wasn't her partner's hair. She got a shock when she realised it wasn't her partner. She screamed, grabbed her daughter and ran out and called police.

Morrison was so intoxicated that police took several attempts to wake him up. He could hardly stand up.

The resident told police a family member may have accidentally left the front door open when they left the house earlier in the night. Solicitor Vince Campbell, of Macrossan & Amiet, said: “The police told him he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and there was nothing sinister about it.”

Morrison had been out drinking with friends and went to a mate's place at South Mackay and must have wandered into the wrong residence to have a sleep. It was totally out of character, Mr Campbell said.

Magistrate Damien Dwyer said he accepted that there was nothing sinister or vicious about the incident and he understood why the female resident might have got a fright.

Morrison pleaded guilty to unlawfully entering a house and he was placed on a $500, six-month good behaviour bond.