Drunken mother rewards rescuers by smashing their home

WHEN good Samaritans took a drunken mother of five home and tried to contact family members for her, the woman repaid their kindness by smashing up their house with pool balls.

Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday heard passers-by found Caroline Burnes Orcher lying on the ground at 4am on October 20.

The members of the group asked the 35-year-old Warwick woman if she needed help and took her back to their home.

While there, they used Facebook to try to track down Orcher's son but the woman suddenly become aggressive and violent.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Steve de Lissa told the court Orcher interrupted a game of pool the occupants of the home were playing and threw the balls with all of her strength.

Two of the balls penetrated walls and another smashed a front window on the house.

One of the men tried to restrain her while another called 000 but she escaped and threw another ball.

Defence solicitor Daniel Habermann told the court his client had been drinking for two days prior to the incident and couldn't explain her behaviour.

"There is nothing quite like biting the hand of kindness," he said.

"(Orcher) said she made a fool of herself and betrayed the kindness of those people."

Mr Habermann said his client had an "atrocious" criminal history and she needed to start taking responsibility for her actions.

"She has to learn at age 35 she can't blame the goon (alcohol) or anybody else," he said.

In a separate incident a week earlier, Orcher was found by police arguing with another woman outside a Warwick hotel in the early hours of the morning.

Witnesses called police and the court heard that despite the police presence, she continued to scream and swear at the woman and make threats of harming her.

On November 5, Orcher again came to the attention of police, when she was observed to be unsteady on her feet and sporting bloodshot eyes while walking along Weewondilla Rd. A search revealed she was in possession of 1g of marijuana.

Orcher pleaded guilty to wilful damage, trespass and public nuisance and was sentenced to four months jail but paroled immediately.

She was also fined $700.