The Defiance Mill Skate Park in Charters Towers where Doolan exposed himself.
The Defiance Mill Skate Park in Charters Towers where Doolan exposed himself.

Drunk faces court for ‘gross’ sex act in front of kids

A MAN unzipped his pants and began to masturbate in a park in front of a group of children, calling out to them to come closer to him.

Gregory Doolan, 54, pleaded guilty to seven charges including one count of indecent treatment of a child under 12 when he faced Townsville District Court today.

The court heard on October 23, 2018, Doolan, an itinerant on parole, was lying intoxicated under a tree at the Charters Towers skate park.

A teenager approached Doolan to check his pulse and see if he was OK, and then told him to go home and sleep.

In response to the child, Doolan sat up, unzipped his pants and exposed his penis to a group of seven children ranging in age from 11-14.

He began masturbating and told the group of children to come closer to him, ignoring their pleas for him to stop.


The court heard one of the children called the police, who were unable to interview Doolan after his arrest because he produced a .264 blood alcohol content reading.

Judge John Coker said Doolan needed to be "properly punished" and his behaviour "denounced" through the courts.

"Behaviour of this nature would be disturbing to them (the children) and needs to be denounced in the most significant of ways," he said.

"It certainly was behaviour that would have been considered by any person … gross, uncalled for, and confronting."

Judge Coker read to the court a victim impact statement that had been written by one of the children, troubled by what she had experienced.

"I felt disgusted about what was happening in front of me, I never expected him to do that, it was wrong for someone like him to do that in a public place," the statement reads.

"How I felt about that happening was gross."

Defence barrister Michael Hibble said his client was an "unsophisticated" man who had abused alcohol from a young age which had affected his intellectual capacity.

"He's a tumble weed that goes with the wind, he has no support network anywhere," Mr Hibble said.

Doolan was sentenced to 18 months jail, with a parole eligibility date set on the same day.

He will need to serve further time behind bars because of previous offending.