Drugs in industry a complex issue that affects safety

DRUGS in society - it is hardly a new issue.

What is new is the way the issue plays out. It is an ever-changing social phenomenon.

Remember Nancy Regan's famous mantra in the 1980s? "Just say no" was her advice.

It seemed to make sense at the time but as the years went by, society slowly realised her method was far too simple.

Teenagers aren't so dumb that they accept one sentence from an adult and change their entire lifestyle.

A bit more education and open-mindedness is needed to help youngsters make smart decisions about their lives and bodies.

Fast forward to Gladstone in 2013 and the drugs phenomenon is very different.

As our story today shows, drugs in industry is a complex issue, mainly because there is a lot of guess work.

Nobody really knows to what extent this is a problem.

One thing is certain - the question of drugs in industry is bigger than previous arguments about personal freedom.

It is a question of workplace safety, which transcends any libertarian argument.