Dalby drug trafficker Scott Andrew Cumner has taken his nine-year jail sentence to the Queensland Court of Appeal.
Dalby drug trafficker Scott Andrew Cumner has taken his nine-year jail sentence to the Queensland Court of Appeal.

Drug trafficker who threatened to ‘chop off fingers’ appeals jail term

A DRUG trafficker who threatened to cut off people’s fingers and who was caught with up to $400,000 of ice buried on his rural property has appealed his nine-year jail sentence.

Scott Andrew Cumner, 52, was sentenced last year in Toowoomba Supreme Court for trafficking ice over 18 months in the Dalby area, and for driving a $160,000 stolen Mack truck.

The Tara truck driver was targeted in a police operation that monitored his phone calls and texts over eight months, revealing he had sold ice to 35 people between March 2015 and August 2016.

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The messages showed Cumner regularly chased people for money, threatening to chop off fingers, kick in teeth and break the legs of customers who owed him money.

During the police operation, roadside officers caught Cumner with $60,000 hidden in the engine of his car.

He told police the money was not his and he could not explain how it got there.

Between 2015 and 2016, several search warrants were executed at Cumner’s Tara house uncovering drugs, a crossbow, spud guns and 13 Queensland registration plates hidden in a shipping container.

In August 2016, police executed another search warrant and found drugs, weapons and explosives buried on his property.

In a sunken drum hidden within metres of Cumner’s fence line, police discovered 813g of ice worth up to $398,000 and 1.6kg of marijuana worth up to $14,000 hidden alongside explosives, knuckle dusters, nunchucks and a laser pointer.

Another buried stash found 10m from Cumner’s boundary, contained a loaded Savage rifle, shotgun shells and a box of ammunition.

In October 2019, Cumner pleaded guilty to trafficking methylamphetamine, possessing dangerous drugs and weapons and unlawful possession of a motor vehicle and was sentenced to nine years’ jail.

At his sentence, the court was told the father of three had been a self-employed truck driver since 1989 and had been addicted to speed and ice for the past 20 years.

Justice Peter Applegarth said Cumner had continued trafficking even during police intervention and had shown a “brazen disregard for the law”.

Justice Applegarth said his trafficking had played an important part in “completely destabilising” the community around Dalby.

Cumner took his sentence to the Queensland Court of Appeal arguing that it was too high and his parole eligibility date should have been set earlier.

He also argued that because he was a truck driver, Justice Applegarth had inferred that he was able to transport the drugs.

But on Friday, the Queensland Court of Appeal ruled that inference was never drawn and the parole eligibility was just.

Cumner’s appeal was refused.

His parole eligibility date remains at October 7, 2025. – NewsRegional