Glen Tipton has sentenced to jail for his role as a “drug mule” between Adelaide and Alice Springs
Glen Tipton has sentenced to jail for his role as a “drug mule” between Adelaide and Alice Springs

Drug mule’s sentence cut for turning on boss

A DISABILITY pensioner turned dope courier will be out of jail in time for Christmas after agreeing to turn snitch against the Adelaide drug boss he was working for.

Glen Tipton was sentenced in the Alice Springs Supreme Court on Tuesday after earlier pleading guilty to tainted cash and commercial cannabis supply charges.

Tipton ran drugs from Adelaide to Alice Springs five times before he was busted, bringing 60 lbs - or 24kg - of the drug up the Stuart Hwy, where he would collect cash to take back south on the return trip.

Tipton was pulled over by police on April 10 this year, where they found 10 separate cryovac bags of cannabis in his Jeep, each weighing a pound.

Tipton, a criminal novice, was paid $200 for each pound he couriered to Alice Springs, plus $1000 in fuel and travel money each trip.

The street value of the drugs he couriered was as much as $600,000.

The court heard the proceedings against a man interstate were still underway, in which Tipton has undertaken to testify.

Justice Peter Barr said: "You were not only a drug mule but also a money mule".

He said the low level of pay Tipton received compared to the value of the drugs was of little concern, given the quantity of the drugs.

Tipton, a pensioner who cares for his parents and who lost his house to a gambling addiction, was sentenced to three years in jail, suspended after eight months served.

Justice Barr described Tipton's case as an "unusual one" and said he had slashed Tipton's sentence by half for agreeing to testify against the Adelaide man, whose name was not said in court on Thursday.

Justice Barr also ordered that Tipton's Jeep, which was a gift from his parents, be forfeited to the Northern Territory under criminal property forfeiture laws.