A Gladstone man caught growing drugs now has a script for medical marijuana. Picture istock
A Gladstone man caught growing drugs now has a script for medical marijuana. Picture istock

Drug grower gets medical marijuana script

A GLADSTONE man has told a court he won’t be back there after he received a script for medical marijuana.

Joshua Wentworth Bartlett, also known as Joshua Wentworth Eyre, had been growing marijuana himself, which was uncovered during a search on July 28.

Police located a hydroponic grow-tent set up in a spare bedroom of the house.

It was equipped with lighting, a fan, power leads, transformer and water filtration system that had a large plastic container with one marijuana plant growing inside.

Police also located marijuana hanging on coat hangers in the cupboard of the main bedroom and more on a drying rack.

A plastic bong, bowl and grinder were located in addition to marijuana in clip-seal bags and two dead plants.

The total weight of the cannabis seized was 182.8g

Bartlett told police he used marijuana for his anxiety and that police could come to his house every day and find marijuana.

He added that it should be legalised.

Defence lawyer Kylie Devney told Gladstone Magistrates Court on December 4 her client had significant health issues which included chronic acute pain following an accident.

She said he had severe anxiety, depression and sleep issues.

Ms Devney noted Bartlett had been sentenced in 2011 for trafficking however told the court her client had been clean for almost 10 years and only started using marijuana again at the end of 2019.

She said this was due to difficulty engaging with health practitioners locally to be properly medicated.

Ms Devney told the court Bartlett had since been approved for medical marijuana and now had no reason to reoffend.

“We’ve gone down the right track,” Ms Devney said.

Bartlett pleaded guilty to possessing and producing dangerous drugs, possessing anything used in the commissioning of a crime, possessing property suspected of having been used in connection with a drug offence, possessing utensils and a weapon.

He was sentenced to two years’ probation and a conviction was recorded.

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