No mercy for drug offenders, Curtis workers, attacks on cops

A PARADE of Gladstone's alleged drug underbelly has faced court as law enforcement put on a show of zero tolerance.

Police refused to take handcuffs off one man who was charged with attacking police, while a total of 10 offenders were remanded in custody.

Gladstone Magistrates Court saw a string of offenders on Monday who had been nabbed by police after months of CIB raids on the region's illicit drug industry.

Magistrate Russell Warfield gave no mercy for those in his courtroom where his decisions were based on the public's safety and deterrence from reoffending.

  • Ryan Keith Bailey was remanded in custody on 22 charges including fraud and drug trafficking.
  • Charles Hodges Maxwell was remanded on 17 charges including weapons possession, stealing, child pornography and drug trafficking.
  • Kenneth James Speers was remanded on 14 charges including drug trafficking, assaulting police and possessing a weapon.
  • Stephen Lee was charged with drug trafficking and is allegedly linked to a syndicate operating in the Sunshine Coast area.
  • Henry Robert Malligan was remanded in custody charged with assaulting police and trafficking drugs.
  • Terry Evan Dunnett was remanded until January following charges of assaulting a police officer.

The magistrate made an example of 21-year-old Gladstone man Tarun Schefe, who had skipped out on several court hearings.

"I'm getting far too many working on Curtis Island who have the time to offend but can't make it to court," he said, fining the young man $500.

The prosecution described 26-year-old Michael Fleming as a possible flight risk after he'd been on the run for several months and had put the community in danger while attempting to flee from police.

"You've shown now three to four times that I can't trust you," the magistrate told him.

"That's what bail is all about."

"It's not anybody else's fault but yours," he told the young man, who tried to argue back with excuses.

A 25-year-old who had assaulted police was also remanded in custody, with his mother breaking down in tears at the magistrate's refusal for bail.

Police refused to un-cuff Danny Anthony Meyer when he was led into the courtroom, with the prosecution describing him as at risk of committing further offences and being a danger to the public.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said her client had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and when his medication was coupled with alcohol, problems ensued.

"He can live with his mother who is in the courtroom and his intention is to get immediate help through rehabilitation to sort himself out," she said.

But Magistrate Warfield said it was obvious alcohol was a problem.

"To me your behaviour has escalated and it's out of control," he said, before remanding the man in custody until November 25.