A parolee who drove 80km/h over the limit in a school zone has appealed his sentence.
A parolee who drove 80km/h over the limit in a school zone has appealed his sentence. Bev Lacey

Drug-affected man drove 100km/h through school zone

A PAROLEE who drove 100km/h through a school zone on a police pursuit will be able to apply for parole sooner after an appeal.

Lismore father-of-five Andrew Bolt, 27, led police on a pursuit through the Lismore CBD, including through a 40km/h school zone, far exceeding the speed limit, in February.

He collided with two other cars and fled on foot and was later arrested.

Bolt appeared via in Lismore District Court via video link on Wednesday to appeal his six month non-parole period, handed down in Lismore Local Court on April 16.

He did not appeal the overall sentence of 18 months' imprisonment.

In his evidence, Bolt spoke of growing up in a family marred by alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence.

When he was released on parole six weeks before the February incident, heartbreaking personal circumstances saw him turn to the drug ice, he said.

"I planned to come home to a happy family (but) I was a lost person," Bolt said.

Defence solicitor Tom Saunders said Bolt would benefit from a longer term of parole.

"He turned to ice on this occasion because what he imagines life was going to be (upon his release) essentially collapsed around him," Mr Saunders said.

Bolt said his children were a big motivation for him to make something better of himself.

DPP prosecutor Charlotte Davidson suggested this was nothing new.

"You had all five children ... at the time of these offences," Ms Davidson said.

"And you had all five of your children the time before that, and the time before that.

"Why is it on this occasion your children will service your motivation?"

Bolt replied: "People are not perfect".

Ms Davidson said Bolt had an "appalling traffic history" and urged Judge Phillip Mahony to maintain his sentence.

"He was on parole at the time of the offence," she said.

"He had been out of custody only six weeks.

"He did over 100km/h in a school zone.

"He was on the wrong side of the road in the Lismore CBD."

Ms Davidson said Bolt didn't check if the occupants of the other vehicles were okay, and fled the scene.

"This offender has exposed the community to extremely high danger," she said.

Judge Mahony upheld Bolt's overall sentence of 18 months, but he now be eligible for parole from November 14 this year.

He recommended Bolt be directed to rehabilitation upon his release.

"The offending is objectively very serious," he said.

"He's a young man who's at risk of being institutionalised for a large proportion of his life if he continues to engage in this type of conduct."