Chaotic series of police chases lands 18-year-old in court

"NOT in a blue moon."

With those words, Sean Richard Watson's hopes for a suspended sentence for dangerously operating a vehicle while adversely affected by an illicit substance were snuffed out by Magistrate Russell Warfield.

The 18-year-old appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday afternoon via video link where he pleaded guilty to various offences after a week-long episode of synthetic drug use took a reckless turn.

At 12.50am on August 18 officers attempted to intercept a car before it sped through a stop sign.

When the owner of the vehicle was quizzed, it was revealed Watson had stolen the car, as the owner was unaware the car had been taken with the keys still on a barbecue table.

What followed was a chaotic series of police chases, fuel theft and an eventual arrest, with speeds of more than 130kmh being clocked on Kirkwood Rd.

During his spree, Watson stole $50 worth of petrol, before he veered into oncoming traffic on the Dawson Hwy, as police reached speeds of 136kmh before being forced to abandon the pursuit.

Upon being questioned by police, Watson, on parole at the time, admitted to being the driver of the vehicle.

Magistrate Warfield recorded convictions on all charges, and Watson would not be eligible to apply for parole again until December 2.

Rap sheet:

  • 1x dangerous operation of a vehicle while adversely affected by a substance
  • 1x driving without a licence
  • 3x failure to stop motor vehicle
  • 1x stealing
  • 1x unlawful use of a motor vehicle