Driving home the road safety message after horror day

TUESDAY was a horror day on our roads.

Not only did we wake to the news a nine-year-old had died in a single car crash at Bororen, but there were also other less catastrophic incidents in our region.

These events reinforce the knowledge we all have; that motoring is a potentially lethal pastime.

While none of Tuesday's incidents may have had to do with foolish driving, they are a stark reminder of what the consequences can be from inattention, tiredness, and other factors.

Every single motorist could very easily put up their hand and admit to having one of those moments where, but for the grace of God, they could have been involved in a life-threatening incident, just through inattention.

One big problem, however, is many young drivers these days seem to purposefully put themselves, and other road users, in immense danger by their foolish actions.

The message is clear, if you plan to be an idiot in a car, think of the consequences.