Colin Roy Bartholomaeus, 30, from Dysart blew more than four times the legal alcohol limit after a crash.
Colin Roy Bartholomaeus, 30, from Dysart blew more than four times the legal alcohol limit after a crash. Rick Rycroft

Driver rolled his car after drinking 20 beers

A MAN came to with his car teetering on its roof after he crashed down an embankment and rolled the vehicle following a 20-beer drinking session.

Colin Roy Bartholomaeus later recorded a blood-alcohol level of 0.207 during a police breath test - more than four times the legal alcohol limit for driving.

He had no memory of his car leaving the road about 2.40am on December 15 at Dolphin Heads.

Bartholomaeus faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence on Dolphin Heads Road.

Prosecutor Shelby Larcombe said the Dysart man had a history of drink-driving, though his last offence dated back to 2011.

Ms Larcombe said police found Bartholomaeus in the driver's seat after his "vehicle rolled down an embankment into mangroves and landed upside down".

"The defendant said to police that he was in Mackay to visit his sister at Blacks Beach.

He had been driving to Dolphin Heads Resort because he'd had an argument with his sister and couldn't stay with her any more," she said.

"When questioned, the defendant stated that he was driving after having consumed about 20 cans of XXXX Gold and he did not know exactly how the crash occurred.

"He stated his last drink was about half an hour before the crash."

Defence solicitor Jordana Abela, of McKay's Solicitors, described her client as an operator with a resources company, who lived with anxiety and depression.

Ms Abela said Bartholomaeus recently re-engaged with a psychologist and had been dealing with the death of a family member.

The lawyer added Bartholomaeus was "remorseful" of his actions, which had occurred while he was "not in the right frame of mind".

"The plan was to drive to Dolphin Heads to stay the night there. He doesn't recall what happened, there was an accident in which he rolled the vehicle and ended up sliding down an embankment ... ," Ms Abela said.

"He did not suffer any serious injuries ... He accepts that he was very lucky that he was not seriously injured and he accepts that he could have seriously injured someone else, including members of his family that were on the road at that time."

Several character references were tendered and Ms Abela noted Bartholomaeus entered an early plea, which would result in a discount in sentencing. Magistrate Damien Dwyer disqualified Bartholomaeus' licence for 16 months and fined him $2120.