The ute had to be cut free from the motel.
The ute had to be cut free from the motel. Maria Szewczyk

Driver puts the squeeze on motel

WHEN Maria Szewczyk agreed to caretake her sister's motel, she was assured it would be a quiet few weeks.

Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the case when a driver got their ute wedged underneath the vacancy sign of the Fitzroy Motor Inn on Thursday night.

The ute contained rigging and equipment which increased the vehicle's height.

Ms Szewczyk said the driver of the ute claimed technology was to blame.

"The driver said he was looking for the motel next door and the GPS told him to drive through our driveway to get there," she said.

In the process, the ute collided with the vacancy sign above the entrance of the Motel and got wedged.

"He managed to bring the sign down and the electrical wires were hanging down," she said.

Realising the potential risk to guests, Ms Szewczyk immediately alerted emergency services.

"The minute I put the call out for help, all these people came to the rescue," she said.

"An emergency electrician came straight out to fix the live wires hanging down and begin restoring power to the motel, the fire brigade came and helped cut the ute out, even a policeman who I think was simply walking past at the time, came in and helped."

Ms Szewczyk said her guests were very understanding despite being without power for more than two hours.

"A lot of the guests here were very cooperative, but the minute the power was restored, everyone, including myself were grateful to get the air conditioning back on," she laughed.