Drive-through McRampage

AN EARLY morning Maccas run turned into a fast food nightmare after a car smashed into the McDonald's drive-through at Bellbird Park.

The 22-year-old driver was allegedly intoxicated when the Mazda sedan he was driving crashed into a sign just after 1am yesterday.

A witness said the man attempted to navigate the drive-through but didn't make it to the speaker box to order his meal.

Police said a bystander who tried to assist the man was assaulted.

"I was going in for an ice cream and there was a car parked in the drive-through and you could see it had run into the sign," the witness said.

"He was stumbling about the driveway and then jumped back in his car and started it up.

"I said: 'You can't drive like that.' He turned his car off and I reached in to grab his keys...he forced the door open and came out throwing punches."

Four police units attended the scene where the man was arrested after he allegedly turned on officers.

It is understood he tried to head butt one of the policemen.

He was charged with six offences, including drink driving, assaulting a witness, obstructing police and two counts of assaulting police.