Redcliffe MP Scott Driscol
Redcliffe MP Scott Driscol

Campbell Newman suspends Scott Driscoll from LNP

UPDATE: A QUEENSLAND MP will sit on the crossbenches until investigations into his role with a taxpayer-funded organisation, involving his wife, are completed.

Redcliffe MP Scott Driscoll has been at the centre of serious allegations relating to his leading role with the Regional Community Association of Moreton Bay.

It has been reported Mr Driscoll's wife's company profited to the tune of $120,000 in consultancy fees for work completed for the RCAMB.

News Limited also reported Mr Driscoll set up phone lines from his electorate office so staff could conduct business for the Queensland Retail Traders and Shopkeepers Association, which he headed before election as an MP.

Mr Driscoll claimed the phone lines formed a "community hub" for local groups to use.

The MP was elected into government at last year's landslide election but in 2010 ran for pre-selection for the federal seat of Wright, which covers the Lockyer Valley.

Multiple agencies, including the Crime and Misconduct Commission and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, are investigating his conduct.

Mr Newman informed Mr Driscoll on Monday he had asked for his party membership to be suspended until the investigations were completed.

"Over the past few weeks there has been a fair bit of controversy..." Mr Newman said.

"That ongoing controversy has distracted the government from its task of taking Queensland forward.

"Frankly, I can't tolerate that occurring any longer."

Mr Newman said he had a chance to talk to Queenslanders and cabinet members about the allegations. "I would hope Mr Driscoll would return to the LNP," he said.

"I would hope and trust that at the end of the day the various things that surround him and have been said about him are found to be baseless.

"But again it is something that is distracting the government from its task right now and its important objective to take the state forward."

Mr Driscoll stood up in Parliament last week to respond to the various allegations.

But the explanation fell short of what his leader thought was needed.

"I would have hoped for a more detailed explanation or rebuttal of the allegations," Mr Newman said.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk questioned what new evidence had come forward to prompt the suspension.

"The Premier has not shown leadership in the last two months," she said.

"What relegations have been shown to cabinet today to state that now the member for Redcliffe will be stood down as a LNP member.

"The Premier needs to give a full and frank and detailed discussion about this to not only the people of Redcliffe but to the people of Queensland."


BREAKING: A LNP MP has moved to the cross bench until investigations into his role with a community group which has paid out thousands of dollars to his wife is completed.

Premier Campbell Newman announced this afternoon he requested the LNP suspend Redcliffe MP Scott Driscoll's party membership until allegations against him are investigated.

Multiple investigations are under way into Mr Driscoll's role as the head of  the Regional Community Association Moreton Bay, which has paid thousands of dollars to Mr Driscoll's wife's consultancy business.

Complaints have also been lodged to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

Mr Newman said he informed Mr Driscoll of his decision this afternoon.

"I believe until these matters are resolved it is appropriate Mr Driscoll's party membership be suspended," he said in a statement.

Mr Newman told media he hoped Mr Driscoll would return to the LNP one day.

But at the moment, he said, the matter is a distraction to the government.

Mr Newman said the Government was giving Mr Driscoll a chance to clear his name.

He said he would have like Mr Driscoll to produce a more detailed explanation of the allegations in Parliament last week.