Being loose with truth almost lands man in jail

A MAN who hit his friend with his car, crashed into a power pole, fled the scene and claimed that his car was stolen has been jailed for three months after he pleaded guilty to several charges.

James Erueti Herewini had been drinking while on medication on February 21 when he decided to drive home.

A friend, who had tried to dissuade him from driving, was struck by Herewini as the accused left the Tank St address.

Herewini then fell asleep and crashed into a power pole.

He fled the scene and filed a false report with Suncorp Insurance, saying his car had been stolen.

Herewini also convinced friends to make false statements to back his story.

A Suncorp investigation was launched and CCTV footage showed him to be the driver of the vehicle.

He was later interviewed by police and made a full confession.

Defence solicitor Bill McMillan said: "Panic can do terrible things to people."

He said his client was embarrassed by the incident.

Magistrate Penelope Hay said Herewini had a tendency to be dishonest when he thought he would get away with it.

Herewini was sentenced to three months jail for attempted fraud, which was wholly suspended for 18 months.

He was also fined $1500 for a raft of other charges including driving without due care and attention.

Suncorp was denied a restitution claim of $5078.68 because there was no statement to support its claim.