Drink curfew may fuel difficult situation in Gladstone CBD

THE FACT that Gladstone needed Operation Parasol in an effort to stem the problem of offensive drunken behaviour shows we have an alcohol problem in some parts of our city.

But will a suggestion from the Queensland Government to impose a curfew solve the problem?

The suggestion is that patrons would not be able to enter licensed premises after 1am, and they would all be sent home at 3am.

It could well be that locking people out of venues will just help to fuel an already difficult situation on our streets.

Take a look at the lower end of Goondoon Street close to midnight on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll nearly always see obnoxious drunken behaviour.

Which makes one wonder just how much value a curfew will have.

The problem is the people who are likely to cause problems will already have a skinful.

All we can hope for is that the heavy police presence is continued, and that one day the drunks might learn.